Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sixth period study hall:)

I really don't like people in my sixth period study hall!:) I never can get anything done cause there oh so very distracting and I can never get my work done. They are very mean to people to and they write bad things on peoples stuff and give it to their boyfriends! They also never stop talking about my actions that I make and how messed up they are. And they also take peoples phones and don't give them back to the end of the day. And they read my blogs when i tell them NOT to!!!!:). And i love stabbing them with pencils mwhahahha:) But pretty much I don't like any of them. Two of them trying sucking up to Mrs.Fiske all the time JERERMY WILBUR AND JUST MARLOW, bunch of teachers pets if you ask me! Just kidding I guess there all alright sometimes.. hahah

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