Monday, January 25, 2010


Okay, so this is my last blog and I still got eleven minutes to write it, im darn good! I know that I waited til the last minute to do all of these things, but hey I got them all done sorry Mrs. Fiske:(. But I watch this dog for lots of money for my mom's friends so therefore I do watch him, but he's huge but he's really becoming a pain in my butt. He get's into everything and to top it all off he's huge and he hates sleeping on his dog bed on the floor, so therefore yup im stuck with him sleeping with me! He has only been here for two days and I'm so ready for his butt to GO HOME! But the bell is going to ring and this is finally my last blog so therefore I'm done!:) Bye bye now!


I'm going to plattsburgh after school today:) Im pretty stoked because the weather driving out there is going to be amazing, so my window will be down:) Me and devin are going to the movies. We're going to watch daybreakers, Yay, not! Haha I want to watch the lovely bones, but this movie will make him happy! Then im going to get some pretty bows for my hair, because my puppy got most of mine, but that's okay just another reason I need more! Then im going to get some shirts:) Hmm, where are we going to go out to dinner, maybe ninety nines, because devin hates ninety nines! Then were going to go back to my house so I can kick his butt in monolopy like I always do!:)


Just one other reason I hate this school! I was almost done another one of my blogs! Alll typed and everything and i was going to type publish post and you know what happened, well i'll tell you what happened. THE STUPID POWER IN THIS SCHOOL WENT OUT! Yup, lost my whole blog and if i wasn't behind already jfdnjgnj. So therefore after this blog I got two more to do, Now im stuck rewriting the one I was already done. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!!

You know what really get's me going..

This stupid finals crap really gets me going, boy did I want to punch someone on friday! The first quarter of goverment I had a 92, and we had one test this quarter and I got the highest grade on it, and I always handed in my homework alway this whole quarter, and guess what! I still have to take the stupid final because he didn't average our grades in time for the finals but I would have had over a 90 so pretty much im just going to bomb this final because my teacher couldn't average our grades like he was supposed to jdfnjdfngjng. MEANY!

New years!

So It's still January so im not to late on this! But my new years was pretty calm this year. So I didn't do anything illegal no worrys Mrs. Fiske;) But me and my boyfriend watched some movies with his mom and just hungout at his house, then we drove to my house and the weather sucked so yeah. Then when we went to my house we watched Jersey shore and ate food, and went to bed... well I did, and then he woke me up when the ball dropped then I went back to bed, haha:p

Late christmas!

Okay, so I know it's January 25th and not December 25th:p But christmas was great this year, even tho i was wicked sick I don't even care! I got lots and lots of stuff everything I asked for actually, I may have been a bit greedy on my page and a half long christmas list this year, but who's going to complain besides my parents! But yeah and we actually had some snow to top it all off, im pretty glad it's almost gone tho.. for now.

Stupid school

So the weather today is amazing!:) It's like summer out there. And were stuck in the stupid school thats giving me a headache and it smells like fuel and ew. But i got to walk down to boces and back and our teacher took us outside for like ten minutes because you all could have about died in out classroom, its at FA and at boces, stupid malone!:p But now im just trying to get all these blogs done in twenty more minutes so im going to go now bye!:)


So, everyone that has Mrs. Fiske hates are English class so much:p, because they think we get the "special treatment". So today in English we are having a party I bet everyone forgot about the party and didn't bring anything but I brought cupcakes so we better have some fun today, but my teachers making me get off and I have seven more blogs to finish by the end of the day ahh, because i forgot to do my blogs:x

South Carolina:)

I'm stoked to go to South Carolina, because i absolutely love the beach:) I'm not going til August but that's okay! I'm going with my mom, dad, and boyfriend! I got to pick out the resort and it's amazing!:) It's got a private beach, a lazy river, two huge pools, and we got a three bedroom villa only so I could have the loft! We're going to go to a few parks, and shop and just explore pretty much so im pretty excited for that, I've been counting down the days!


We're going to be graduating soon!:p haha well not to soon but soon enough thats for sure. It seems like the year is going by so fast, with all the breaks! I'm scared for graduation but excited at the same time. I'm more scared for what college is going to bring to me.. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a wake up call. I'm going to the community college for two years then transferring into a different college either plattsburgh or postdam for the next two years, then I don't know where im going to go from there.