Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I didnt want to forget you but i knew in my heart
it was right i needed to let go because i was holding on
too tight i was holding onto something
that was never really there you didnt love me
the way i love you and it just felt like you didn't care
but something about you made me keep hanging on
i always thought about you every time i heard a
slow song it was so hard to let go but when i finally
started to to my surprise you pulled me right back
to you now i have what I've always wanted and all
of a sudden everything just fitsbut i ask myself is
this really it I've waited for thisfor way too long
i think you really love me but i don't know, maybe
I'm wrong but i hope you're not lying because
I'm falling way too fast but i know in my heart
that soon Ill just be another girl from your past
but right now I'm holding onto whats right in front of my face
because i don't want to lose you i don't want to be replaced
Ive never felt this way before about anyone at all
i just hope that you will catch me whenever i start to fall
when i think about you sometimes i start to cry
i don't really have a reason to but I'm just afraid its all a lie
I'm afraid to take a chance and let all my feelings be free
I'm afraid of what the future holds whats ahead for you and me
but i guess what i have to do is just face all my fears
I'm going to have to try to be strong and try not to
shed any more tears if you would ever ask i would give you
anything Im sorry i don't have much to give since right now
your my everything sometimes your the only thing
that keeps me hanging on just thinking of you makes me
want to stay strong I'm sorry for always upsetting you
and always making you mad i don't do that stuff on purpose
and Id never try to make you sad this might not all make sense
and it probably sounds really stupid too but i guess the point
I'm try to make is that i think Im really falling in love with you

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