Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I hate..

I hate wasting my tears on you.
I hate going back and forth
I hate not knowing about you.
I hate finding things out from other people.
I hate all the lies you've told me.
I hate everything you've done to get what you want.
I hate my life when your in it.
I hate my life when your not.
I hate that you only make me happy for a little while.
I hate that after that, we lose touch.
I hate that you come back into my life whenever it pleases you.
I hate that you have enough of a control over me that i let you back in.
I hate how much you don't care.
I hate the way you stare at me.
I hate when my phone rings and its you.
I hate that feeling i get in the pit of my stomach.
I hate everything thats ever happened between us.
I hate you.

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