Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The all famous Ben.

Ben is the most greatest person in the entire world!:) He is my absolout best friend even tho i forgot to put him in my past blog, so hes in this one! He likes to wear red, ALOT. I will convince my mom to get him a job at the dollar store, because he will be the best worker there!:). He's in my sixth period class and he is forcing me to write this, but that's okay! I secretly won't get him in the job and he's not my best friend:). Now that hes not reading this i can write all the stuff I really think about him. He's stupid and wears red way to much! bahahahahaha:) goodbye now!

This is what ben really look's like:)! He's so uglyy!
p.s alot less muscle's than that!

1 comment:

  1. im am your bestest friend and you will get me that job because you are a kind person and i have alot more muscle than that monkey that looks like you.