Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Wednesday.

Well, today I woke up late so I rushed around to get ready. When I finally got to school the bell was ringing! Then I went down to child development. We played musical chairs and took pictures. That course is pretty difficult! Then i had study hall which is boring, because I don't have any homework because I only have two classes so I haven't had homework yet. Then lunch which is the usual. Then study hall again. Then English, and were blogging! Then I had government which we had a substitute so it dragged by. Then after school I went home and went riding around with friends. We went to McDonald's after school got tons of food. Then we went to Walmart to mess around for a bit. Then I went to my friends Jared's house for awhile, and we went down to the river and a bunch of us mainly just hung out there till about nine. Then I had wicked bad allergies, so with that and a major headache I decided to go to bed early so I pretty much just did.

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