Sunday, September 13, 2009

The important ones..

I have some absolutely amazing friend's in my life.
I would be nowhere without them. They have been through
good times and bad times with me and there still here. They are
the support when i need them. And most of these people have been here

since we were little kids, and these people are my whole entire life.

Tasha Marie Martin, well since fourth grade, we've been making a name for ourselves...
we've been through so much we each other, good times, bad times, and tough times, we made it
through them all. And shes still standing right by my side to this very day.

Devin Alexander Cook, is my whole life.. he is there for me any second of everyday. He holds me up when I feel like falling, and I feel like I can't make it anymore. I know I can call him at any second, and he would be here in an instant. He is the one person who has impacted my life the most. He has made me into a better person the person I am today. He believes in all my hopes and dreams and never for a second doubts me, we may be young but were not to young for love.

Amy Lynn Allen, well we've definitely had our ups
and downs through out life.All the stuff that'scame
between us but your still the most amazing friend ever.

Felicia Christene Clark, well i love destroying the
interior of her car, and being crazy with her!

Samantha Marie Martin, She's loud and crazy, and i love it!
I have the most hilarious memories with this girl, and honestly
i will remember them forever.

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  1. aww you and Devin are cute! health occ. is so much harder than child devlopment